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The George Markoski Show

Aug 14, 2017

The question of free will relates to everything we care about. Morality, law, politics, religion, public policy, intimate relationships, feelings of guilt and personal accomplishment—most of what is distinctly human about our lives seems to depend upon our viewing one another as autonomous persons, capable of free choice. What if the concept of free will as we know it was just an illusion? What if where you are right now in your life actually has nothing to do with your choices, but rather a product of your circumstances? On this week’s episode we discuss the concept of free will and choices, along with less choices equating to more freedom. Find out if the burka and niqab are a sign of freedom or oppression. Australia’s own Pauline Hanson recently wore a burka in parliament house, which was highly controversial and even ended up on the New York Times. Did she chose to wear this or was it a product of her environment? Do you really have any choice or control over your life?