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The George Markoski Show

Jul 26, 2017

How George Markoski reversed autoimmune disease pharmaceutical free. George Markoski successful property investor and entrepreneur but more importantly he defied the odds and overcame the debilitating condition of crone’s disease. Doctors told him if he refused to take the cancer causing prescription drugs for the disease, that he would need to have major surgery to have his bowel cut out by 30! George ignored what the doctors told him and started his own journey of research, trial and error to discover what actually causes autoimmune diseases and what it is really linked to such as diet and lifestyle. Trying over 10 different diets George has it down to a fine art what really works and what is just BS. George is now healthy and fit and has no more symptoms of crone’s disease, but more importantly he got his life back, has more energy and has been able to accomplish some pretty amazing things. George shares his journey and how he holistically reversed  crone’s disease.