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The Christina Markoski Show

Oct 10, 2017

Right now in Australia there is a $122 million dollar postal vote happening which asks the question, should the law be changed to allow same-sex couples to marry? Christina talks to Johnnie Cass, the first openly gay man on television’s Big Brother in 2001. They discuss the difficult questions surrounding the gay marriage postal vote. They delve deep why you may vote Yes or No looking at the implications surrounding the postal vote itself and the impact on society as a whole. There has been a mixed review across the nation with how the non-compulsory postal vote plebiscite has been received. Some are outraged at the extensive waste of tax payer’s money, raising the questions like, “Do you want your representative in Canberra, democratically elected and handsomely paid, to do their job?" There have also been strong campaigns advising participants to vote yes and no. The arguments being raised to vote no include school education agenda changing along with concern for religious ceremonies. So what will it actually mean if gay marriage is passed? And how will all these concerns be dealt with? Campaigns for the yes vote are based around love acceptance, equality and anti-discrimination. How exactly will the LGBTQI community’s rights be effected and changed by allowing same sex couples to marry? This episode explores all these questions and more.