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The George Markoski Show

Jul 24, 2018

RETIRING on your property portfolio may be easier than you think and could cost as little as a cup of coffee a day, according to an Adelaide-based investor George Markoski.

But there’s one catch. If you’ve been chasing the great Aussie dream of living in your own home, you’re about to be disappointed. According to Adelaide local and author of Positive Property Blueprint, George Markoski, successful property investment doesn’t start with the purchase of a family home, but rather an investment property.

George Markoski retired on a property portfolio of 10 properties at age 37, and a passive annual income of $180,000. When George first started investing in property, he accumulated five houses, but soon realised that it takes more than just buying property to get ahead. He had invested in the wrong areas and it was beginning to take its toll. He was working seven days a week, trying to pay off the mortgages, using old-school negative gearing methods. He knew there had to be a better way.

He finally came up with a way of buying the right kind of properties, in the right kind of areas for only $30 a week, the cost of only one cup of coffee a day. This method became known as The Positive Property Blueprint.

The benefits of buying an investment property are enormous but you still need to really learn how to do it, during this podcast George discusses the three main secrets to his success, and how to continue making money in property no matter what happens in the economy.  To find out more visit