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The George Markoski Show

May 9, 2017

George and Christina Markoski have generated huge media interest with their decision to sign up for Cryonics. Based on a Greek term meaning cold, Cryonics is the process of preserving the body at extremely low temperatures, after death, with the prospect of being revived to full health in the far future. Christina is the youngest person in Australia to sign up for Cryonics, which she did at twenty-two years of age. In this episode, George and Christina discuss this contentious topic and why they’ve decided to take out this ‘life insurance’ policy. They explain how Cryonics works and what the scientific potential might be in the future for the revival stage. They also answer some of the moral questions and critics’ comments surrounding this controversial procedure. Find out why, a corpse today is tomorrow’s patient and why we might be living in an era of the last mortal generation!