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The Christina Markoski Show

Sep 16, 2017

Discover how technology is dematerializing the world, which will inevitably lead to almost everyone losing their job. The rate that technology evolves at will rapidly effect our working conditions more and more. Technology is changing the way we live and certainly the way we do business. Did you ever think you would be serving yourself at a checkout at the store? This concept would have seemed absurd ten years ago, yet now its common practice at most supermarkets. There is set to be a big boom for the dematerialization of products and services becoming digitized, demonetized and/or democratized. We discuss the music industry and how technology has revolutionized and completely changed the game. Soon to be self-driving cars. Taxi drivers and those alike may see a decline in their services in the not so distant future. But it doesn’t stop there. It’s safe to say that nobody’s job is safe. Even AI lawyers and surgeons are being developed, removing human error to get a better result. But the good news is at least you can forget that 5 – 8 year medical degree. We discuss the past and future of society as we know it and how your job could disappear before your very eyes.